COVID-19 cases continuous to spike in Belgium

The maximum number of cases of people getting infected by the COVID-19 virus has decreased by 6,000 at the beginning of this week, but it has started to rise again at a slow pace.

Belgium records more deaths due to Covid-19 than any other EU nations: Reports

The country in Western Europe has been affected by the COVID-19 infection as compared to the other nations in Europe in terms of the maximum number of death that has been caused by the virus, as per the latest research by the Ghent University Hospital.

Ukrainian war, rising prices in energy and food have replaced coronavirus crisis in Belgium: Reports

The Ukrainian conflict, rising energy and food prices and climate change have replaced the coronavirus crisis as the main concerns of people living in Belgium, according to the last Great Corona Study.

Death rate due to COVID-19 across Belgium spikes: Reports

The majority of the individuals facing death by getting affected by the COVID-19 infection is showing an upward trend in Belgium. Also, the increase of Coronavirus cases is increasing at a rapid pace.

Ireland relaxes travel restrictions due to COVID-19

In Ireland, travellers from other nations who have made the decision to get access to the region will no longer face entry restrictions.

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