Ukraine deserves to be part of EU Member State, says Advisor to Zelenskyy

Deputy Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, named Ihor Zhovkva, has mentioned in a statement that Ukraine deserves to become a EU Member State.

During an interview, Zhovkva highlighted that the war-torn nation is currently fighting for all European Union nations as well as has earned the right to the European Union membership.

As per Zhovkva, the war-torn nation cannot afford to wait for more for the process to be completed and has called for the responsible authorities to make a quick decision.

“We can’t afford ourselves years or tens of thousands of years to review Ukraine’s application. We need it swiftly. We need it very, very swiftly. We deserve it because we are fighting now not only for Ukraine but for all European nations,” Zhovkva highlighted.

The European Union Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, visited Ukraine the previous week. During this visit, she gave a questionnaire to Zelenskyy. The questionnaire needed Ukraine to supply information on its economic as well as political situation.

Moreover, Zhvokva emphasized when the questions were raised, “We will fill it in very quickly. That’s what the president promised personally to President Ursula von der Leyen. And our government, our relevant ministries and our agencies are working 24/7 in order to fill in this questionnaire”.”

He proceeded to say that the EU commission had made the promise to process their opinion in a swift manner as well as put it for the discussion in the next EU Council meeting, this way suggesting that his nation expects to receive an answer without further ado.

Earlier, they have reported that von der Leyen has pledged to try speeding Ukraine’s bid to join the European Union. He mentioned in the press conference in Kyiv, von der Leyen stated that the EU could not ever match the sacrifice of people from Ukraine as well as offered a speedier start to its bid to join the bloc.

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