IATA announces Russia-Ukraine crisis did not significantly impact traffic levels

The International Air Transport Association-IATA has made the announcement that Russia’s full-scale military operation that has been started in Ukraine did not significantly impact the traffic levels.

As per the sources, the maximum number of people are constantly travelling towards their destination without even worrying about the war. Moreover, air travel has marked a strong comeback in February 2022 than in January 2022 as the cases related to the individuals getting infected from the infection has been decreased in all the parts of the world.

On April 6, the statement was issued by IATA in which they mentioned that the maximum travel of the travellers was on February 2022, and it has been increased to 115.9 percent than in the month February 2021, which is an improvement from January 2022, when the traffic was at 83.1 percent compared to January 2021.

Along with this, the data indicated that in the month of February 2019, the number of people travelling to different places was less by 45.5 percent.

In the statement, it has been noted that “February 2022 domestic traffic was up 60.7 % than to the year-ago period, building on a 42.6 % increase in January 2022 compared to January 2021. However, there was wide variation in markets tracked by IATA. The statement reveals that domestic traffic in February was 21.8 per cent below the volumes of February 2019.”

Furthermore, the Director-General of IATA named Willie Walsh has outlined this related, “The recovery in air travel is collecting steam as governments in many parts of the world lift travel limitations. However, states that persist in attempting to lock out the infection, rather than managing it, as we do with other infections, risk missing out on the enormous economic & societal benefits that restoration of international connectivity will bring.”

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