Travelers recovered from COVID-19 & holding negative PCR test can enter Malta

Malta, Europe– The travelers that have been recovered from the variant of the COVID-19 infection and the individuals that hold a negative PCR test result that has been taken lately can get access to Malta without being subject to additional entry restrictions as the authorities have made the decision to ease up all of the rules and relations against COVID-19 infection.

Till now, the travelers have been provided restriction-free entry to Malta only the case they show a valid vaccination certificate at the time of arrival.

Moreover, after observing the current situation as well as concluding that the COVID-19 disease no longer causes severe health implications, the authorities have made the decision to remove all of the entry rules and regulations, says the authorities.

The Maltese official travel portal, Visit Malta, has explained that all the individuals who have a valid recovery certificate or a PCR test result are now allowed entry to the nation under similar regulations as the people that have been vaccinated.

Along with this, Visit Malta noticed in the previous week that has been announced the latest entry rules, “As from Monday, April 11, 2022, incoming tourists travelling to Malta from a nation on the red list will be permitted in with a negative PCR test (taken up to 72 hours prior to arrival) or an acknowledged COVID-19 recovery certificate which cannot be older than 180 days.”

There are statements that mean that all of those who have not been vaccinated against the infection can now get access to Malta for all kinds of objectives.

The decision of the Maltese authorities to change their entry as well as the domestic rules follows the low infection rates within the nation.

Furthermore, the World Health Organisation (WHO) data shared that Malta has reported 3,566 new COVID-19 infection cases in the previous week.

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