COVID-19 cases across Belgium continues to face downtrend: Reports

The cases of the COVID-19 infection are showing a downward trend in Belgium, after the sudden increase in the number of infected individuals, again the figures are decreasing, but the number of people facing death by getting affected by the COVID-19 infection is rising gradually.

As per the Sciensano Public Health Institute, on Tuesday, the maximum number of 10,351 individuals were reported that have been infected by the virus on a per-day basis. There is an increase of eight percent observed since the seven days.

Moreover, the highly contagious Omicron variant, the new variant of the COVID-19 infection is, accounts for 88.3 percent of all entire cases in the nation, while the Delta variant has been eliminated.

The average number of PCR tests that have been taken daily in a similar period has been increased by 1 percent to 38,901. The people were getting tested for the infection, and the rate of the individuals that are getting positive sits at 29.2 percent, which means that is slightly less than the fewer than three out of ten tests that have a positive result.

Along with this, similarly, an average of 23.3 of the Covid-19 patients have faced death on a daily basis. There is an increase of nine percent noticed. The maximum number of deaths in Belgium since the beginning of the pandemic has been recorded as 30,908.

Meanwhile. the figure also involves the individuals who have faced death because of another reason but later were infected by the infection. This means they overestimate the deaths that are caused by the disease.

In the previous week, the Federal Health Minister named Frank Vandenbroucke regretted that the situation was not over yet as well as the people had ignored the earlier warnings from himself or the infectious disease expert named Erika Vlieghe that caution and safety were still required.

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