Belgian Students seeking accommodation facing challenges: Data

The students that are seeking accommodation in Belgium for the coming academic year are facing never-experienced-before challenges.

As per the data, the students that are living in the nation have become very unaffordable and rare to discover.

The Ghent office for the student housing has been getting a record-high number of calls from those who are looking for a place a stay. The office has announced that around 340 individuals have tried to reach by mobile phone in the initial two hours after a new student room opening was broadcasted on the internet, according to the sources.

Moreover, the difficulty in discovering a place to stay at the time of studies has been noticed by the students, parents as well as different agencies.

Highlighting about the current situation, a student mentioned that it has become almost impossible to discover a place as every opening is always gone immediately.

The authorities have expected that the lack in the housing market, as well as the prices, will rise gradually in a consistent manner.

Along with this, the increase in the costs has been noticed by everyone, especially by the parents. A parent who is seeking a room for his son mentioned that the price has risen by €50.

He asserted that lots of rooms that they checked in the previous year were about €380. Therefore in this current year, they have increased to approximately €430.

According to the Norwegian Education Ministry, the government has allocated a fund of €43 million for the new student housing. The fund will be distributed to the eight organisations, with the primary beneficiary being Northern Norway, Finnmark, Nordland, and Tromso. The authorities will get around €8 million for 200 dormitory units.

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