Germany man got 90 jabs of vaccines against COVID-19

A 60-year-old man in Germany, Berlin has, got 90 shots of the vaccination against COVID-19 infection as he used to sell forged vaccination certificates with the actual vaccine batch numbers to the individuals who were not willing to get vaccinated.

As per the report shared by sources, the man from the eastern German city of Magdeburg, his name has not been disclosed yet by following the German privacy rules. The man mentioned that he had received around 90 shots against the variant of the COVID-19 infection at the vaccination centers in the eastern state of Saxony for months till the criminal Police booked him this month.

Moreover, the man is not arrested yet, but he is under investigation for the unauthorized issuance of a vaccination certificate as well as document forgery.

The 90-year-old was caught at a vaccination center in Eilenburg in Saxony when he came for receiving the shot of the COVID-19 vaccine for the second day in a line.

The Police seized multiple blank vaccination cards from him and have initiated criminal proceedings.

Along with this, it is not clear yet what has impacted the 90 shots of COVID-19 vaccines, which were from various brands and had in the personal health of the older man.

In addition, German police officials have conducted many raids in connection with the forgery of vaccination passports in recent months.

The majority of the individuals have said no to the vaccination in the nation, but at a similar time, they want to have the coveted COVID-19 passports that can give them access to hospitality venues, including restaurants, theaters, and swimming pools or workplaces, uncomplicated.

Furthermore, the nation has observed an increase in the number for weeks, yet most of the measures to ease up the pandemic ended on Friday. Putting on masks is no longer mandatory in grocery stores as well as most theaters, but it is still compulsory on public transport.

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