“SYRIZA has clean political record, clean hands”, says Alexis Tsipras

Greece: As the General elections in Greece, which are set to be held on May 21, 2023, are approaching near, the political tussle in the country has already begun. In a recent statement from the SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras emphasized that the party has always been known for its clean political record.

Tsipras stated, “SYRIZA has a clean political record, clean hands. One can accuse us of mistakes, but one thing cannot be disputed. Our clean political record. Our clean hands. We received the country in bankruptcy conditions and worked hard to get it out of the mud.

They voted the unquestionable committee of experts on Tempe, which they themselves appointed to inspect them! No indictments will apply to anyone after the political change. Let everyone know this.”

At the same time, Tsipras announced the reforms the party has planned to implement on being empowered, with an ‘Emergency Tax’ being one of them.

Tsipras noted, “Banks are raking in excess, keeping deposit rates stagnant while grant rates soar. Let’s say it clearly: We will introduce an emergency tax for banks to raise money to support consumers who have a loan with a fluctuating interest rate.”

The Opposition leader continued further, stating, ” Justice is not just one man, the Attorney General. There are dozens of honourable judges out there. With them, we will break the gap between the judiciary’s dependence on the executive power.

We have the plan, the determination, the experience of hard battles, and even the mistakes we made. We have people with vision and experience. They may not come from fireplaces politically. They are not “princes”, but people of real society,
of work and creation. That’s why they understand; they feel society.

They don’t live no where else. We don’t live anywhere else.
In this society, we live and in this society, we are accountable to no one else.No one is “holding” us, except the vision and program of Justice.”

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