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Latest Updates from Greece

“SYRIZA has clean political record, clean hands”, says Alexis Tsipras

Greece: As the General elections in Greece, which are set to be held on May 21, 2023, are approaching near, the political tussle in the country has already begun. In a recent statement from the SYRIZA leader, Alexis Tsipras emphasized that the party has always been known for its clean political record.

Greece General elections to be held on May 21

Greece: The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, confirmed May 21, 2023, as the day for the General Elections in the country. As soon as the election dates were announced, the New Democracy Government recounted what it went through during its tenure and announced its motto in this election.

Greece: Alexis Tsipras gets acquainted with Just Go Zero Program in Tilos

Greece: The Greek Leader of Opposition, Alexis Tsipras, visited Tilos, where he got acquainted with the Just Go Zero Pilot Program, which collects and manages the waste in a fully circular way in order to eliminate its environmental footprint, such that no waste ends up in landfills and dumps.

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