Greece General elections to be held on May 21

Greece: The Greek Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, confirmed May 21, 2023, as the day for the General Elections in the country. As soon as the election dates were announced, the New Democracy Government recounted what it went through during its tenure and announced its motto in this election.

As PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis stated, the New Democracy government aims to move ahead, together with the citizens of Greece, towards a progressive transformation.


Meanwhile, the leader of the opposition, Alexis Tsipras, who was in Viotia, noted that Greece finally has the chance to change the leadership of the country.

The SYRIZA President Tsipras noted, – “My visit to the county of Viotia coincided with the announcement of the election date. The New Democracy of Mr Mitsotakis, after almost four years in government, has led the country and the majority of citizens to multiple dead ends. A few weeks left of patience for the big change the place needs.

My brief walk to the Meadow market captured what I encountered in every corner of Greece: The bill does not come out while the government continues to be in its world.

In the Greece we deserve, in the Greece we envision, people of knowledge and creation will give perspective, hope and value.
In 2018, SYRIZA founded the unified field of education and research.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of seeing the results and being informed about the activities of the Agricultural University’s innovative project by Mr Dean.

The research project “Intelligent Agriculture and Circular Bioeconomy – SmartBIC” concerns the creation of a modern research infrastructure in the Region of Mainland Greece on the subject of Intelligent Agricultural Production and Circular Bioconomy Technologies and Systems.


It is a project that affirms the Agricultural University’s timeless relevance, and its important contribution to the country’s productive restructuring – and all with the collaboration of professors and young researchers.

The primary goal of Active Laboratories, like the one I visited, is to create an environment to promote the field of research, which is user-centric in terms of familiarity with smart and innovative agriculture.

Supporting smart and innovative research on food production, taking into account climate change, rising environmental pressures, political conditions and market volatility, is the way for tomorrow.”

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