Migrants trying to step into Poland is increasing day-by-day, says authorities

The authorities of Poland has made an announcement that the maximum number of migrants that are trying to arrive in the country is increasing on a per-day basis after the similar highlighted that 134 individuals had attempted to travel the border between the two nations on March 21.

As per the information shared by the sources, the figures that have been provided has set a new record in this current year.

On Wednesday, March 21, the Polish border guard shared a post on Social Media, and they showed the sections of the new strong metal fence on the Belarusian border.

Moreover, he also added that the 186-kilometre-long barrier that is expected to be completed in June would be closed with the barbed wire.

As per the Border Guard, the migrants came mainly from Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Turkey, as well as Cuba.

Additionally, a Polish humanitarian group called Grupa Granica, on March 22 has announced in a Twitter post that in recent days the migrants had been driven into the forest by the Polish authorities as well as “brutally” pushed back to Belarus, including the group of Kurds from Iraq with a baby less than two-month-old, who is said to have been born in Bruzgi, Belarus.

Along with this, the Grupa Granica asserted on social media, “2/1, in the last few days, all people were deported to PL-BY granica. In the last 48 hours, people in the most difficult situation were taken to the forest, including many children, including babies born in Belarus, disabled people, etc. Most of them Polska brutally threw back.”

Furthermore, Grupa Granica noted that the poor migrants remained in Belarus as well, as the majority of them were primarily accomodating in a large warehouse of 10,000 square metres in Bruzgi.

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