Farmers to Stage Protest at Tour of Flanders, Advocating for Local Food Production

The protest orchestrated primarily in Kluisbergen, East Flanders, is organized by the Flemish agricultural organization Boerenbond in collaboration with the Groene Kring, a youth farming association

Crisis in Flanders’ Education System as Children Struggle to Obtain Primary School Diplomas

Recent reports from Het Nieuwsblad have painted a stark picture: the number of children in Flanders without a primary school diploma has nearly doubled in just six years

“Flood Warnings Persist as Rivers Surge in Flanders and Wallonia – Communities Brace for Impact”

Flanders and Wallonia find themselves grappling with heightened flood warnings, amplifying concerns for the safety of communities residing along the Lys, the Dender, and the Durme rivers

Belgium: Know here about the Menin Gate Memorial

The Portland stone walls of the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres lists 55,000 soldiers who died in Flanders’ fields in the Great War, but their bodies were never recovered or identified.

Flanders: Animal shelters took in record 48,000 abandoned, misplaced animals

Flanders' animal shelters took in a record 48,000 animals that had been abandoned, misplaced, or whose owners were unable to provide care.

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