Belgium: Know here about the Menin Gate Memorial

The Portland stone walls of the Menin Gate Memorial in Ypres lists 55,000 soldiers who died in Flanders’ fields in the Great War, but their bodies were never recovered or identified.

Flanders: Animal shelters took in record 48,000 abandoned, misplaced animals

Flanders' animal shelters took in a record 48,000 animals that had been abandoned, misplaced, or whose owners were unable to provide care.

Flanders to offer temporary emergency care to children

Initiatives in Flanders that wish to take part in the temporary emergency care will be got an everyday subsidy of €70 per child per day.

Man found dead in clothing donation container in Avelgem

The body of a man was discovered in a clothing donation container in Avelgem, West Flanders, by a passerby early on Saturday morning, Belgium.

Flanders reports hike in amounts of women opting for fertility treatment

More women are deciding to have children on their own in Flanders, as per UZ Gent, UZ Brussels, ZNA Middelheim, and UZ Leuven.

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