Belgian employees face harassment at workplaces, says reports

In Belgium, in the previous year, one out of seven individuals, around 14.2 percent, have faced bullying or harassment at their workplaces by their superiors or colleagues.

As per the latest study, in the majority of the workplaces in which people have different ranks or positions, the people used to face harassment and bullying.

The external prevention service carried out the analysis in 2021 between more than 7,500 workers. It was discovered that they have faced harassment and bullying and were claimed in the academic world in recent weeks.

The Lantis prevention advisor for psychosocial aspects, Tina Scholiers, mentioned, “The Transgressive conduct or bullying should never be permitted to pass, and we should strive for zero tolerance.”

Along with this, the majority of the workers that go through such behaviour is dropping in Belgium. In 2019 in the peak year, which is approximately 19 percent of the respondents suggested suffering from bullying and harassment in the workplace.

However, the issue is still there where it was before and from where it has been started. The companies in Belgium are required to carry out risk investigations in the work areas.

Further, Scholiers stated, “It is imperative that everyone’s boundaries are respected. If a colleague indicates that this is not the case, we should instantly take this seriously.”

Along with this, she highlighted the influence of bullying and harassment in work areas which goes forward than the worker who feels bullied. This situation brings a hostile environment all over the atmosphere in the offices.

Harassment and bullying will build mistrust insecurity and can even lead to an increase in the number of people staying at the home and high staff turnover.

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