Constitutional Council accepts proposal for new vaccination pass by President Macron

France Constitutional Council on Friday has consented to the nation’s new vaccination pass for the COVID-19 with conditions that will be needed for individuals of the age of 16 and more.

As per the information provided by the sources, this vaccination pass will play a significant role while visiting public places for entry, including bars, restaurants, and cinemas.

The idea of the pass has come into existence by the President, Emmanual Macron, as his main objective for this decision is to develop difficulties for the people who are still unvaccinated and will make the people driven towards the COVID-19 vaccination shots.

On 24th January, the ruling of the Council will make a way in the direction of the new vaccination pass to be introduced. This will be proof that the person is completely vaccinated if they were ever infected from the previous infection and their negative test against the COVID-19.

The Council supported the government guidelines related to the new pass that includes over 16-year-old is needed to show a vaccination pass. The pass will be required for entry into the bars and restaurants. It will be known as the person’s identity proof as it will restrain the use of the fake certificated that belongs to the third party.

It has been upside down the need for previous health passes required to participate in the political rallies. Apart from this its only three months left for the elections, and the Council has mentioned that such conditions will influence the individual’s liberty of sharing opinions and views.

Meanwhile, the new pass will bring impetus to the protest against the variant of Coronavirus associated rules and regulations on the life of human beings.

Emmanuel Macron mentioned that some of the individuals who resist the vaccination had been made to suppose that they are second-class citizens.

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