Over 7,947 asylum applications filed in Hungary in one month, shows data

The maximum number of 7,947 asylum applications have been filed in Hungary, in only one month, as per the figures shared by the nation’s government.

The spokeswoman of the Government of Alexandra Szentkirályi has highlighted the fact that asylum applications are rising on a per-day basis.

Additionally, since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale military operation on Ukraine from February 24 to March 29, the nation has accepted the highest number of refugees for each person, with around 530,587 individuals who have reached the country now.

Moreover, Szentkirályi applauded the cooperation between the Hungarian government, the aid organization, civilians, as well as local councils, adding that they responded to the humanitarian crisis from the outset.

The state secretary who was in charge of the church as well as the ethnic relations, named Miklós Soltész, emphasized that the position of Hungary was evident as it planned not to supply or permit the transport of weapons and the soldiers all over the border.

Along with this, he said in the statement, “Hungarian citizens had so far donated over HUF 800 million (EUR 2.2m) under the aid scheme dubbed Bridge for Transcarpathia.”

The residents of Hungary had so far contributed over HUF 800 million (EUR 2.2m) under the aid scheme dubbed Bridge for Transcarpathia.

According to the Government spokeswoman Szentkirályi, around 181 kindergarten students from the war-torn nation, as well as 758 children studying in school, have started attending.

The nation will also support the children to learn Hungarian and integrate. The school will offer extra lessons in the afternoons. The educational institutions will get extra 130,000 HUF (350 euros) per childer every month.

Furthermore, Hungary has made the announcement that it is ready to receive a maximum of 900,000 Ukrainian refugees escaping the war-torn nation in nation.

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