Bride, groom spend their wedding night in jail with best man for chaotic brawl

Scotland, Europe– A bride as well as the groom had to spend their wedding in jail along with the best man because of a mass brawl that broke out at the time of their wedding ceremony. As per the sources, the bride attacked her own mother.

In the morning, after the photos of the couple were shared online, there was a bandage on the forehead of the best man, and he was standing with the groom and the bride.

As per the sources, the fight took place after the bride named Claire Goodbrand attacked Cherry-Ann Lindsay (Her mother) with a stiletto.

Moreover, the groom named Eamonn Goodbrand, along with his brother, Kieran, who had joined in on the fight, was detained for assaulting his partner, Lindsay, who has been reported as seriously wounded.

The wedding ceremony was organized at the Vu at Ballencrieff Toll in Bathgate in Scotland.

After the incident took place, the mother of the bride mentioned that the attack had left her worrying about her life.

Along with this, Lindsay mentioned during an interview, “Claire dragged me by the hair for about two feet, and she was hitting me with her shoe. She then grabbed me and put me in a chokehold. I couldn’t breathe. I thought I was going to die.”

Lindsay said about the happening that the fight started suddenly after midnight when she called the taxi.

Further, she expressed, “David, my partner, was lagging behind, and we went back to get him. The next thing I could see was him going down onto the ground. Yvonne (family friend) went to try and get them off David, and she said they were trying to gouge his eye out.”

The mother of the bride further added, “I went to try and help and get Kieran off David, but then Claire grabbed me and put me in a chokehold.”

Meanwhile, the bride, groom, and the best man were handcuffed as well as taken into custody.

However, Clarie has confessed that she has grabbed her mother’s hair, punched her, and kicked her on the head and the body.

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