Irish government offers decrease in higher education fees for Ukrainian students

The Irish authorities have introduced a decrease in the higher education fees for the students from Ukraine, and they will get access in the nation under the fees status of Europe.

As per the information provided by the Education Minister named Simon Harris, the people of Ukraine would also give permission to the student’s grant as well as support, including the training at the language centres for those who need it.

Moreover, Harris highlighted the statement on Twitter, “My Department, the Government and our sector will do everything we can to support and welcome students from #Ukraine and to also provide support in terms of English language classes in communities.”


Along with this, he outlined that the nation will facilitate the Ukrainian refugees with a personalised assessment to help them discover the work suitable to their skills as well as qualifications.

He mentioned in a post, “Preparing for a virtual meeting with European counterparts and EU Commissioner Gabriel Mariya later today to discuss Ukraine and how we can coordinate at an EU level to support students, researchers & lecturers from Ukraine. I want to see an EU-wide scholarship scheme created.”

Harris further mentioned, after a meeting with the EU Commissioner Mariya, it is vital for the students from Ukraine to have complete education throughout this period. The government is prepared to implement the discussion to help the students work on their education process.

However, the Irish Federation of University Teachers (IFUT) called on universities and colleges in the nation to show their support to the students, researchers, and lecturers from Ukraine.

Furthermore, for around one year, the Federation has put forward that the researchers and the academics are engaged in their areas of specialisation for the time being.

On the other hand, the same alternative should be offered to the students, the Federation urges, allowing the Ukrainian students to continue their studies in Ireland “until such time as the situation in Ukraine returns to some acceptable level of safety and stability.”

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