Brussels stock exchange faces loss after Russia’s invasion in Ukraine

Brussels – The stock exchange in Europe has lost more than three percent in the morning due to the Russian invasion.

As per the reports, the Bel20 has opened with a loss of over three percent, the Asian stock exchange has lost around 2-3 percent, and the oil has become five percent more costly.

On Thursday, the Investors appeared to undervalue the risk of a Russian invasion for a long time, but the European stock began from the red zone after Russia officially attacked in Ukraine on Thursday.

The Euro Stoxx50, which includes 50 of the largest organisations in the Eurozone, has been facing a downfall from 4 percent.

On the other hand, Frankfurt and Paris are also falling by over 3 percent. The Bel20 managed to lose the harm with the loss of 2.4 percent.

The chip producer Melexis a global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions has been the only one to bear the most significant loss as well as fell by 45 percent. Meanwhile, Ageas and ArgenX have also been facing losses.

However, oil is rising, and it is moving towards an upward trend. It is breaking the USD 100 barrier, which is a barrel of Brent and is currently 6 percent more costly as well as costs around USD 102.6.

The last time the oil price was more than USD 100 in 2014.

Along with this, Russia is the globe’s second-largest oil exporter after Saudi Arabia. The amount of gas also went through the roof following the attack has been increased by 25 percent to €110.6, which was still under the level of December month in the previous year.

Furthermore, the dollar, Gold, as well as the price of the grain are also increasing at a rapid speed. Gold and the dollars the observed as safe havens during major geopolitical accidents.

Russia is the world’s largest exporter of grain, and Ukraine is number five.

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