Italy records over 72000 Ukrainian refugees since war begins: Reports

The new UN figures depict the information that around four million individuals from Ukraine have escaped from the war-torn nation because of the war.

In Italy, a maximum of 71,940 people have arrived in the nation, 37,082 women, about 6,661 min, and 28,197 minors.

At the start of the conflict, more than 3,000 individuals came to Italy from Ukraine on a daily basis, but the numbers have slowed.

Additionally, the government has allocated €428 million to help host the people that have escaped the issues in Ukraine.

Moreover, the Interior Ministry has made the announcement that the large Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples as well as Bologna are the destinations where most Ukrainian refugees are headed.

The majority of the refugees have discovered refuge with relatives or acquaintances. In contrast, others are being sheltered by the Italian Interior Ministry’s reception centers and services, which have been established to help the people that are escaping the nations by observing the current situation in the war-torn country.

The Civil Protection has a duty to make the decision that which types of expectations qualify the individuals for various levels of living expenses.

Similarly, the authorities have revealed that the payments will be in line with those who have paid to the people of Italian who were displaced after an earthquake struck central Italy in 2009.

Along with this, the government of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini has mentioned in the statement that this week there will be a meeting between regional governments as well as the head of Civil Defence Fabrizio Curcio to explain the situation regarding the reception of refugees.

She also highlighted, “On the one hand, we asked for economic contributions to families hosting Ukrainians since there would be problems if this network were to fail. And then we asked – and were listened to – for a larger minimum average contribution for every person hosted in special reception facilities.”

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