Italian PM Giorgi Meloni meets Rishi Sunak, hails UK’s immigration policy

United Kingdom: The Italian Prime Minister, Giorgi Meloni met with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak.The visit from Meloni aimed to strengthen the bilateral relations between Italy and the United Kingdom.

As the Italian PM noted, the meeting marked the new chapter of the Italy-UK relations. Additionally , she hailed the British immigration policy, stating- “You are doing very well,”. She also expressed her pleasure in being in the United Kingdom and meeting her British counterpart.

There were plenty of smiles on Giorgi Meloni’s first visit to Downing Street. Her British counterpart welcomed her in Italian, seeing in her a prime opportunity to influence European policies as much as possible.

And the Italian prime minister, who faces an acute problem with the arrival of irregular immigrants, had only good words to say about the immigration policy of the United Kingdom.

“In the fight against traffickers and illegal immigration, your administration is doing very well; I’m watching what you’re doing,” Giorgi Meloni told Rishi Sunak on camera.

Increasing flows of migrants by sea have forced the Italian government to declare a national state of emergency. In the first quarter of 2023, Italy has seen over 35,000 arrivals compared to around 8,000 in the same period last year, with more than a thousand irregular migrants arriving in the country on Wednesday alone.

Giorgi Meloni has joined her voice with that of other European leaders calling for a common European policy, which would focus on supporting those in need of protection, but in their countries of origin.

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