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Gibraltar International Bank announces retirement of CEO Lawrence Podesta

The Gibraltar International Bank has today confirmed the retirement of its Chief Executive Officer, Lawrence Podesta, on 28 February 2023.

UK: Serial animal abuser jailed for brutally killing 2 Spaniel puppies

United Kingdom: In a recent, a serial animal abuser, named Jimmy Smith from Ashford, Kent was arrested for killing two Spaniel puppies. The puppies - named Sky and Angel - died a horrific death after Smith repeatedly slammed them onto a concrete floor. One puppy died at the scene, while the other was put down at a veterinary practice.

Cardiff: Christopher Dawson, secret Santa shares update on New Year

Christopher Dawson, also known as secret Santa for people of the United Kingdom, highlighted 2022 left its mark on so many. 

UK: Hiking For Little Heroes, Kilimanjaro set off their new challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro

A charity organisation, Hiking For Little Heroes, Kilimanjaro, are raising money for the Children's Cancer Unit and Angel Wishes, shared about the set off their new challenge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

Weather: Norwich to witness cold spell till Christmas

Norwich Weather Live-Streams shared the weather information, there is the end of the cold spell forecast many people have been praying for, and some of them are sad to see come around as people were probably hoping it would last till Christmas. 

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