Operation Kaveri: 40 more Indians evacuated from Sudan

New Delhi: The situation in Sudan is intense, and yesterday’s eighth flight, A C-130 Indian Airforce plane, came to India carrying 40 Indians. The number of evacuated Indians under Operation Kaveri increased and reached 2,300, said Indian External Minister S. Jaishankar.

India EAM Jaishankar said, ” A C-130 Indian Airforce flight has landed in India (New Delhi) carrying 40 passengers. With this flight, around 2,300 people reached India, said EAM Jaishankar through Tweet.

On the 8th flight, the number of evacuees reached 2300. After that, three more flights carried 229, 288, and 135 passengers, bringing the total number of evacuees to over 2500.

As part of ‘Operation Kaveri’, an Indian Air Force C-130J carrying 40 passengers has departed Jeddah for New Delhi. The mission aims to evacuate stranded Indians from war-ravaged Sudan safely.

It was the eighth flight that came by carrying Indian passengers that took off from Saudi Arabia Jeddah since Operation Kaveri’ began.

Arindam Bagchi, the official spokesperson of MEA, shared on Twitter that the 8th flight of #OperationKaveri has departed from Jeddah with 40 Indian evacuees on board. The IAF C-130J aircraft is headed to Delhi.

The last flight (7th flight) scheduled for Bengaluru took off from Saudi Arabia Jeddah earlier yesterday and carried 229 passengers. They also started a campaign called #OperationKaveri which has the motive to bring citizens back home.

Planned flight for Bengaluru, 7th outbound flight bringing 229 passengers leaves from Jeddah,” MoS Muraleedharan tweeted.

On Saturday, 365 Indians from Sudan came back to their home country (India) under Operation Kaveri, while a flight carrying 231 Indian passengers came to the national capital on Saturday morning.

As a ceasefire has been called in Sudan, several countries, including India, are trying to vacate their residents from a conflict-ridden nation. Sudan is undergoing bloodshed due to conflicts between the army and paramilitary forces.

Former Sudanese Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok calls on the international community to keep pressure on the warring sides in the Sudan conflict. Hamdok says the kind of engagement that enabled evacuations of foreigners could help bring a lasting truce. He spoke during the 2023 Mo Ibrahim Governance weekend in Kenya.

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