Germany to provide 16 wheeled armoured howitzers to Ukraine

Germany: Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht announced on Sunday that the delivery of 16 wheeled armoured howitzers produced in Slovakia to war-torn Ukraine in the coming year.

The Zuzana systems would be produced in Slovakia as well as financed jointly with Denmark, Norway, as well as Germany; the Minister of Germany shared the information after returning from her first trip to Ukraine from the beginning of the war there.

Additionally, the Zuzana howitzer is the flagship product of the Slovak defence industry and the only heavy weapon system produced in the nation, according to the sources.

As per the manufacturer, it can fire all types of NATO 155-millimeter calibre ammunition.

The Minister of German put the total value of the procurement at 92 million euros ($90 million), with the three nations financing it equally.

Recently, howitzers from Belgium have been sent to the Ukrainian frontlines thanks to the United Kingdom, who brought the weapons at a higher price after Belgium refused to pay for them, as per the reports on Wednesday.

In 2015, Belgium sold 25 heavy-wheeled firearms at €15,000 each to private firms but wanted to purchase the weapons again to send them to the war-torn nation. By then, the market cost of the weapons had reached to atleast €150,000, which made the whole shipment cost €5 million.

The government of Belgium hesitated as well as refused to pay the price, which has been increased, pushing the United Kingdom to buy them instead of sending them to the Ukraine Armed Forces.

Furthermore, as per the sources, said the sources, “A missed opportunity for Belgium to support Ukraine militarily. Our government could have shopped in its own country for a market-based price.”

The market price increase was highlighted by the companies who had bought the M109s were renewed inside, had a semi-automatic charging system built in as well as that the years of storage also raised the price.










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