Man found dead in clothing donation container in Avelgem

Brussels, Belgium: The body of a man was discovered in a clothing donation container in Avelgem, West Flanders, by a passerby early on Saturday morning, as per the sources.

A woman on her bicycle passed through the parking lot of the Ter Muncken sports centre, spotting something suspicious in her bicycle headlight. Upon approaching the bin, she saw the body of a man in the container as well as called the police officer, who quickly rushed to the scene.

Moreover, the local fire brigade quickly erected a screen to prevent members of the public from viewing the incident.

The body was quickly identified as belonging to a 53-year-old man from the local area. The investigators assume that something went wrong while the man was attempting to steal clothes from the container late at night or in the early hours of the morning.

Falling into the container, the man became trapped as well as suffocated due to a lack of oxygen. The container has not been cordoned off as well as closed until further notice.

Furthermore, Mayor Lut Deseyn van Avelgen mentioned in the statement that the incident was regrettable.

She asserted, “The container has been there for a long time. There were never any problems with it. There are cameras around. I don’t see what measures we can take to avoid something like this in the future.”

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