UK: MEP Jason McCartney appointed as UK delegation to NATO

Member of Parliament of the United Kingdom Jason McCartney has recently been appointed to the UK delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Belgium: F-16s will participate in NATO dissuasive mission till November 4

As part of a military boost on NATO's eastern flank, about six Belgian F-16s will participate in a NATO dissuasive mission until November 4.

Germany to provide 16 wheeled armoured howitzers to Ukraine

Germany Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht announced on Sunday that the delivery of 16 wheeled armoured howitzers in Ukraine.

Belgium to offer €12 million in military aid to war-torn Ukraine

The government of Belgium agrees to donate about €12 million in military aid to Ukraine, the Defence Minister Ludivine Dedonder made this confirmation in an interview, as per the sources.

Belgium’s army to remain engage in NATO’s eastern flank

The army of Belgium will remain engaged in NATO’s eastern flank, as the military alliance is boosting its presence following Russia’s full-scale military operation in Ukraine.

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