European Union to strengthen cross-border enforcement of traffic rules

The citizens of Europe are encouraged to take part in two public consultations organized by the European Commission, which are focused on future driving license standards and cross-border traffic policing.

According to a news statement released by the EU Commission, the law, which aims to reduce road fatalities by half by 2030, would also allow Europeans’ free movement and boost the sector’s digitization.

The EU Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, mentioned, “There have indeed been many evolutions in road design, vehicle features and there are simply more people on the road, making driving more challenging. Digital driving licenses can become an important step in facilitating the free movement of people. However, we will also need to ensure that road safety rules are respected in the whole EU, that drivers in cross-border traffic respect road legislation when driving in another Member State.”

Along with this, she also asked business groups, civic society, academia, and government officials to address these concerns and give solutions in order to make EU roads safer.

The Commission also invites residents as well as other interested parties to express their concerns regarding the matter, for example, for the transformation in the driving license, such as driver training and probation periods, the introduction of the digital driving license and the mutual recognition driving qualifications.

Moreover, mutual aid and recognition processes for cross-border investigations of road-safety-related traffic offences and cross-border enforcement of penalties are included in the cross-border enforcement section, as is increasing regulatory reporting and monitoring.

The statement issued by the NGO, “The Commission’s taxonomy is a license to greenwash. Polluting companies will be delighted to have the EU’s seal of approval to attract cash and keep wrecking the planet by burning fossil gas and producing radioactive waste. Promoting these toxic and expensive forms of energy for decades to come is a real threat to Europe’s energy transition.”

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