European Union announces to transport weapons to Ukraine amid tensions

On 27 February Sunday, the President of the European Commission named Ursula von der Leyen along with the High Representative named Josep Borrell has declared more sanctions against Russia, and for the first time, the European Union is going to transport weapons to a nation in war.

Von der Leyen mentioned in a statement, “As the war in Ukraine rages on, and Ukrainians fight bravely for their country, the EU steps up once more its support for Ukraine and the sanctions against the aggressor – Putin’s Russia. For the first time, the EU will finance the purchase and delivery of weapons and other equipment to a country that is under attack.”

She further added, “President Zelensky’s leadership and his bravery and the resilience of the Ukrainian people are outstanding and impressive. They are an inspiration to us all.”

Along with this, on Sunday, the EU foreign policy chief Borell gave the proposal on deliveries of the weapons, which will be discussed at an extraordinary foreign affairs council.

Moreover, he mentioned, the full-fledged war rages on the borders of the European Union with the Ukrainian forces fighting against the Russian attack, the has arrived to support Ukraine with the lethal and protect defensive equipment. The European Peace Facility will manage the finance of the deliveries.

Borrell mentioned, “We are going to supply arms and even fighter jets. We are not talking just about ammunition; we are providing the most important arms to go to war.”

As per the information provided by Borrell, several member states have made the decision to deliver the arms by themselves and all of these materials are on their way.

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