Flanders to offer temporary emergency care to children

Belgium: Initiatives in Flanders that wish to take part in the temporary emergency care will be got an everyday subsidy of €70 per child per day, thus permitting parents to continue to pay the everyday price they were used to paying.

The authorities of Flanders provide a budget for temporary childcare to help parents in need if their childcare license is suspended. In the ongoing year, at least 19 licenses have already been suspended as well as about 15 have been withdrawn. Cities, as well as municipalities, are given a coordinating role in reception.

Along with this, Deputy Welfare Minister Benjamin Dalle mentioned in the statement, “For the sake of the safety of our young ones, childcare initiatives are sometimes closed in the event of shortages or problems.”

“Because we realize that this is also a drastic decision for the parents as well as because finding another childcare is not always obvious these days, we are taking additional measures. We provide compensation for organizers who want to cooperate and make sure that parents do not have to pay another price.”

The childcare initiatives that are eligible to organize emergency care must be licensed as well as have much space to take in extra children.

Furthermore, the reception centres can also cooperate with other services, including institutions for youth care, care for the disabled or youth work.

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