Belgium: Two young females from West Flanders died in road accident near Rome

Brussels: About two young females from West Flanders, Belgium died in a road accident on the A24 motorway near Rome, Italy, on Saturday night.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belgium made the confirmation about the information on Sunday after several media outlets from Belgium reported on the story.

Along with this, the state of Italy confirmed that the young women on Saturday evening had gotten out of a hire car on the A24 motorway in order to help the individuals who had been involved in another accident that took place moments before.

All of a sudden, a vehicle then drove up as well as hit them head-on, throwing them metres away.

As per the available information, the suspect was identified by the police officials as well as taken to the officers for investigation. The traffic police officials are investigating the crime scene.

Along with this, Road Traffic Accidents, according to the latest World Health Organisation data published in 2020, Road Traffic Accidents Deaths in Belgium has reported 666 or 0.72 percent of overall deaths.

The age-adjusted Death Rate is 5.10 per 100,000of population, ranking Belgium 154 in the entire world.

Furthermore, in most of the accident cases in Belgium, people driving in Belgium become participants in car accidents abroad, where they are injured party no fault of their own.

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