Belgium education community agrees to Covid-19 plan for upcoming months

The education community and the Flemish Education Minister Ben Weyts came to an agreement on the Covid-19 plan for the upcoming months on Wednesday night.

Persons who make less than €2,500 gross per month will get “work bonus” from Flemish govt

For the first time, persons who make less than €2,500 gross per month will get a "work bonus" from the Flemish government.

Flanders: Over 40% of Buses, trams will not operate on Friday due to strike

The Flemish Public transport operator De Lijn's trams and buses, which is around 40 percent and 45 percent, will not be operating on Friday because of a joint strike action organised by trade unions.

Flanders: New campaign launches against use of mobile phone while driving

The Flemish Traffic Foundation (VSV) will be introducing a new campaign this month to encourage the drivers to look on the road, not on their cell phones.

Flanders entrepreneurs stress over rising material prices, labor shortage, says experts

Belgium: The majority of the Flanders entrepreneurs are facing stress once again, after it was decreased a little bit in the previous year, as per the survey by HR services group Liantis.

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