Flanders entrepreneurs stress over rising material prices, labor shortage, says experts

Belgium: The majority of the Flanders entrepreneurs are facing stress once again, after it was decreased a little bit in the previous year, as per the survey by HR services group Liantis.

In 2022, 69.1 percent of the business owners indicated that they ‘regularly’ to ‘almost always’ experience stress, an assessment of 1,061 entrepreneurs at the start of this month has shown. Meanwhile, 68 percent also experienced fatigue on a regular basis.

Moreover, the expert Karel Van den Eynde mentioned in the statement, ‘Rising raw material prices, material shortages and staffing problems, among other things, cause this additional stress.”

Six out of ten business owners have reported feeling like “it was all too much,” regularly or almost always. The survey showed that it is mainly young entrepreneurs who are currently reporting stress, as among 18- to 30-year-olds, no less than 88.9 percent indicated feeling so, high above the average of 69.1 percent.

Along with this, in the pandemic year of 2020, 75.9 percent has been reported that they were regularly or almost always stressed. After this crisis year, the entrepreneurs again have reported fewer psychosocial problems, as the number has been decreased to 58.8 percent. Now it is once again peaking at
69.1 percent, as per the Van den Eynde.

He stated, “Currently, entrepreneurs are experiencing a very difficult situation once again. Moreover, they had hoped to be able to go full steam ahead again after the Covid-19 crisis, but due to the current problems, this is not possible. And that creates a huge sense of despondency.”

In addition, Van den Eynde has asserted, “Entrepreneurs who indicate that they are struggling with a staff shortage say that they experience stress regularly to almost always (76.6%). Not finding enough staff therefore really causes headaches.”

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