COVID-19 cases continuous to spike in Belgium

Belgium: The maximum number of cases of people getting infected by the COVID-19 virus has decreased by 6,000 at the beginning of this week, but it has started to rise again at a slow pace.

According to the Sciensano Public Health Institute, on Friday, April 29, the average number of cases of the COVID-19 infection was identified between 19 to April 25. There is a seven percent increase from the previous week.

Moreover, the figures that have been shared that the daily PCR tests have been doubled from Tuesday, April 26, when the statistics were previously updated, from 20,390.3 to 40,969.4. The positivity rate now sits at 30.9 percent, and this means that it is slightly over three out of the ten tests have a positive result.

The highly contagious Omicron variant, Omicron BA.2, now accounts for 95.5 percent of all the cases.

Along with this, at the same time, the maximum number of 17.9 individuals suffering from the COVID-19 has faced death on a per-day basis. It has decreased by 22 percent from the last week. The maximum number of deaths in the nation from the start of the pandemic accounts for 31,439.

The data that has been shared also includes the individual who has faced the death of another cause of death but who happened to be infected, which means that there may be an overestimate of the COVID-19 deaths caused by the infection. The maximum number of the new COVID-19 cases that have been recorded in the nation has been decreased from 6,000 at the beginning of this current week, but now it has started to increase again.

In addition, the maximum number of the 6,507 new daily COVID-19 infections has been identified. There is a 7 percent from the previous seven days between 19 to April 25, as per the data published by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Friday.


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