Flanders: Animal shelters took in record 48,000 abandoned, misplaced animals

Belgium: Flanders’ animal shelters took in a record 48,000 animals that had been abandoned, misplaced, or whose owners were unable to provide the care they required in 2021.

The 185 recognised shelters provide essential treatment for animals so that they can heal if they are mistreated or injured. Shelters also assist in finding these animals’ new homes.

Cats made up the majority of the animals that were cared for (25,926), followed by dogs (7,642). Additionally, 5,623 birds and 1,702 rats of various kinds were taken in by shelters in the area.

Along with this, they are also being negatively impacted by the steep increase in energy costs, which might limit the assistance and services they can afford to give.

Ben Weyts, the Flemish Minister for Animals, is tripling their one-time structural financial support as a result. For the recognised shelters, this translates into an additional budget of around €700,000 on top of the current yearly sum, which is likewise about €700,000.

“Our zoos and animal shelters are excellent. They provide assistance for animals in times of need. Thus they should be given additional encouragement when they are experiencing difficulty themselves, “Says Weyts.

A total of €1.7 million in financial support was given to shelters this year, including compensation for taking in animals that were seized by the Flemish Animal Welfare Inspectorate or the police.

In exchange, the minister anticipates shelters to increase their efforts to make sure the animals they take in are adopted through the “Adopt an animal” website. Nearly 2,400 animals are seeking new homes right now.

Weyts declared that animal shelters are crucial for the well-being of animals. Therefore, it makes sense that we would help them and inspire them to develop their operations further.

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