Belgium: Road accidents increases more in winter season

Road accidents more increases in winters in Belgium, the number of pedestrians who are critically hurt or killed in accidents rises by 76 percent, according to recent research by the Vias road safety organisation.

Belgian commuters lose one hour of evening brightness as the clocks shift to wintertime, which raises the risk for both bikes and pedestrians.

Along with this, the most recent data from the sources in Belgium, which demonstrate a 35 percent increase in the number of incidents involving pedestrians during the evening rush hour from October to November, plainly demonstrate this.

Additionally, the Institute reports that there were 76 percent more significant accidents and fatalities involving pedestrians throughout this time, “showing that occurrences are 31 percent more serious.”

This also holds true for bikers, who experience accidents four times more frequently in October than they do in June. This is true even if there are fewer cyclists on the roads during the winter.

According to Vias, the findings result from poor visibility, which caused “some drivers to fail to spot pedestrians and either stop too late or fail to brake at all.”

Additionally, “the necessity of making excursions formerly performed by day in complete darkness due also plays a factor.” All motorists are asked to drive with extra caution.



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