EU Commission announces to give 50 million Euros in humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees

The EU Commission has made an announcement that the European Union is giving about €50 million in humanitarian funding to aid those individuals who have been affected by the invasion in the war-torn nation.

As per the report shared by the Commission, of the maximum amount, €45 million will be allocated for the humanitarian projects in Ukraine, and the remaining €5 million will be for Moldova.

This brings the total humanitarian support funding in response to the war in the nation to €143 million, says the reports.

Moreover, the additional funding that the EU Commission has made the decision to allocate is part of the €1 billion support that was pledged by the latter at last week’s global event ‘Stand Up For Ukraine’.

Commissioner for Crisis Management, named Janez Lenarčič, mentioned in the statement while commenting on the decision, “With millions of the individuals on the move or trapped in active war zones, the needs in Ukraine are already massive. We need to be prepared for a further increase in Russia’s ruthless attacks on Ukraine, notably in the east.”

Along with this, it has been noted that the latest grant will address the most urgent humanitarian requirements by sharing shelter as well as protection, medical services, cash assistance, access to safe drinking water as well as hygiene, and support against gender-based violence.

The Commission highlighted that as heavy fighting, as well as missile strikes, continue to destroy civilian infrastructure in Ukraine, humanitarian requirements remain incredibly high.

Meanwhile, Lenarčič stated that with the help of the additional funding, they would be able to reach the maximum number of the individuals who currently require assistance, especially those in areas hard-to-reach areas.

Lenarčič further added, “With this additional €50 million, the EU continues to rapidly make available humanitarian funding to its partners in order to scale up the assistance further. It will help people in hard-to-reach areas who are cut off from access to healthcare, water, and electricity, and those, who have been forced to flee and leave everything behind. Ukraine, we are with you.”

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