Estonia records over 170,000 visitors in February; 70% more than to last year

In Estonia, around 170,000 visitors have accommodated in establishments in the month of February in this current year, which represents a 70 percent increase as compared to the figure of a similar time one year before.

As per the sources, the authorities in the nation have highlighted that in the month of February, there was an increase that was noticeable in both the number of domestic tourists as well as international tourists.

According to the analyst at Statistics Estonia, Helga Laurmaa, a total of 60,000 international tourists, as well as 110,000 domestic tourists, were accommodated in Estonian establishments in the second month of this year.

Moreover, the same source depicts that the number of international tourists was four times bigger than the month of February in the last year’s figures but still about two times lower as compared to February 2019 figures.

Laura has mentioned in the statement, “The number of foreign tourists was comparable to February 2009, when the Estonian hotel industry was suffering from the recession. On the other hand, there were 26 per cent more domestic tourists, and their number increased slightly even compared to February 2019.”

Along with this, the maximum number of the 69 percent
of domestic tourists travelled for the holiday purposes, at the same period, the total of 22 percent of the individuals is accounted for business trips.

The following territories got the most significant number of domestic tourists:

  • Harju county (32 per cent)
  • Parnu county (15 per cent)
  • Tartu county (12 per cent)
  • Ida-Viru county (9 per cent)
  • Valga county (7 per cent)

Furthermore, Statistics Estonia shared a report in which they stated, “The average cost of a guest night was 36 euros per person, which is six euros more than in February 2021 but at the same level compared to February 2019. The average cost of a nighttime stay per person was 45 euros in Lääne-Viru county, 41 euros in Tartu county, 37 euros in Harju county, 33 euros in Valga county and 31 euros in Pärnu county.”

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