Belgium: Know here new beauty experiences with “Nizhónígo Yííkado – We Walk in Beauty”

Belgium: Artists are always filled with creativity and uniqueness, influencing another person. An introduction to the Artists with an experience of walking can be found on the “Nizhónígo Yííkado – We Walk in Beauty” Facebook page.

Nizhónígo Yííkado: We Walk in Beauty is a collaboration of Native American and Belgian artists. Nizhónígo Yííkado We Walk in Beauty is a collaboration between Diné artists and artisans, and researchers based in Belgium. In the project, the act of walking is explored in its many different aspects and cultural meanings. People can find out about beauty and the experience of walking in Nizhónígo Yííkado opening on November 17, 2022.

They have shared their talented team, which is as follows: 

  • Christine Clinckx

Born in Merksem in 1969, Christine Clinckx graduated from the Royal Academy for Fine Arts Antwerp in 1992. Since then, she has exhibited in Europe and the USA. She has been an artist in residence in Iceland, the Netherlands, San Francisco, and England. She lives and works in Ekeren, Belgium. Her oeuvre explores personal and collective histories through installations, photography, and video.

Christine’s work will be shown during Nizhónígo Yííkado We Walk in Beauty opening on November 17.

  • Laura Tohe

Laura Tohe is Diné. She is Tsénahabiłnii, Sleepy Rock People clan, and born for the Tódich’inii, Bitter Water clan. She grew up in Crystal, New Mexico, near the Chuska Mountains in the Diné homeland.

Laura is the current Navajo Nation Poet Laureate. She is Professor Emerita with Exemplar Distinction from Arizona State University.

Laura will be present at Nizhónígo Yííkado We Walk in Beauty opening on November 17.

  • Esther G Belin

Esther G. Belin is the author of two collections of poetry: Of Cartography and From the Belly of My Beauty, winner of the 2000 American Book Award; and is one of four editors of The Diné Reader: An Anthology of Navajo Literature, winner of the 2022 American Book Award.

As a visual artist, she works in several mediums, including printmaking, collage, and digital art. Recently, she has collaborated on group projects involving land-based art and installation. Her interest in adornment includes creating jewelry from found objects, including seashells, horsehair and seeds, and combining them with glass beads, especially those used as trade items with Indian tribes. They asked people to come and meet Esther in Nizhónígo Yííkado: We Walk in Beauty opening on November 17.

  • Brent Toadlena

Brent Toadlena is Navajo from the Great Navajo Nation in Northeastern Arizona. He currently works as a Navajo Language and Navajo History and Government Teacher at Ganado High School in Ganado, AZ.

His late paternal-grandmother taught him the art of Navajo moccasin-making when he was very young. He has been making moccasins for over 40 years. Currently, he also teaches moccasin-making at Diné College in the Navajo Nation, as well as provides consultant services for various organizations in moccasin-making. Come and discover Brent’s unique expertise in Nizhónígo Yííkado opening on November 17.

  • Crystal Littleben 

She is Kin Łichíi’nii’, Ma’ii Deeshgiizhnii, Bįįh Bitoo’nii and Bit’ahnii. Crystal is currently the Program Manager for the Navajo Cultural Arts Program at Diné College in Tsaile, AZ.

On top of being a Program Manager, she also owns a silversmithing business called Leading with Fire: Asdzáá Atsidí. Crystal identifies as a silversmith, educator and student and believes firmly in the cultural arts and stories of Navajo people as a catalyst for positive social and cultural enrichment.


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