Greece: Amani Swiss extends support to Ukraine, announces donation of 1.8M Medical supplies

The Managing Director of Amani Swiss, Irini Karipidis has announced their intention to donate medicines worth USD 1.8 Million to the people of Ukraine

MEP Radan Kanev reshares Bulgarian entrepreneur’s second chance

MEP Radan Kanev reshares the update of Nadezhda Yordanova, highlighting the second chance for business and more freedom for the Bulgarian entrepreneur.

“EU-CELAC SUMMIT, a Positive reunion”, says MEP Jose Manuel Fernandes

MEP Jose Manuel Fernandes extended that the European Union and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) had resumed the dialogue, "EU-CELAC SUMMIT is a Positive reunion", which was interrupted eight years ago.

MEP Spurek shares meeting glimpse on combating violence

MEP Sylwia Spurek shared a glimpse of meetings held with representatives of the European Commission and the Council regarding the directive of combating violence against women and domestic violence. She also mentioned that she has already informed the general people of Poland that they have long trilogies ahead in this case.

“Good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels”, states intergenerational group

An intergenerational group from the entire province visited Brussels and Bruges was invited by MEP Anna Fotyga to a conference at the European Parliament on "Security of Europe 15 years after the Russian invasion of Georgia" and stated that good academic results could be a ticket to Brussels not as MEPs, but as participants of a study visit to the European Parliament.

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