COVID-19 cases in Belgium faces downtrend, says data

In Belgium, on Friday, March 11, the number of people getting admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is recorded as 177, which is 18 percent less as compared to the last week.

As per the data updated by the Sciensano public health institute on Sunday, the cases of Coronavirus infected individuals are also showing a downward trend. The number of people getting admitted in health care centers is also reducing day by day.

In the reports, it has been mentioned that the maximum number of individuals that have been hospitalized by carrying out the infection has been reported as 1,933, which has been decreased by six percent.

Meanwhile, the new admissions in the Belgian hospitals because of the variant of the COVID-19 infection (between 5 to March 11) has been highlighted as 144.6 on a per-day basis, and there was an increase of 9 percent in the last week.

Along with this, the number of newly infected people has been reported on a daily basis from 2 to March 8 was 7,250, which has been raised by 24 percent, and at the end of the week, it has been recorded as 33,961, along with the positivity rate of 23 percent.

The people who have faced death by getting affected by the variant of the COVID-19 infection have been noticed as 18.3 daily, and there is a 14 percent decrease.

From the pandemic’s beginning, the cumulative death toll has reached 30,408. Its been two years since the pandemic has started.

On the other hand, the virus’s reproduction rate has now reached 1.02. A rate higher than one indicates that the infection is spreading.

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