Cardiff: Christopher Dawson, secret Santa shares update on New Year

Cardiff, Wales: Christopher Dawson, also known as secret Santa for people of the United Kingdom, highlighted 2022 left its mark on so many. 

He took to his official social media account and stated, “2022 LEFT ITS MARK ON SO MANY…we lost our Queen and so many from our lives these past few years, and we will never forget you, but with a new year comes new hope and new beginnings and a chance to push forward and build stronger relationships and friendships with those around us.”

Along with this, Christopher Dawson said, whether people are his family or friend or simply someone he has yet to meet, he wishes all of the very best in life in 2023. 

He further highlighted, “May your dreams and wishes be fulfilled and your path and journey be exciting…until we meet again. Happy New Year, and I Love You and always be here for you, Christopher xxxxx.”

On the other hand, Christopher Dawson also stated on January 1, 2023, and there is still no main heating turned on. He and his wife have only used secondary heating and then only for a very short while, such as the Gas Cooker when cooking. 

No central heating as people do not have it as well, as no electric fire has been turned on since late March 2022. This is incredible. Christopher Dawson outlined, “Are we cold? No! We mentioned we would do this, and we are, if nothing, true to our word. Yes, we are old but still in the game…we have hot water bottles, double duvets, faux rabbit fur thick throws (very heavy) and even sleeping bags (which we haven’t used as not cold enough yet).”

Christine was brought up on farms, so he is used to the cold as well as is simply a Santa. Spring is almost here, but maybe some snow first. People will see. 


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