Tourist guide Pamela shares her 75 day travelling experience from Spain to Belgium

Europe: Pam goes travelling, aka Pamela, tourist guide shares her day 75 travelling experience from Spain to Belgium and skirting through France and the Netherlands to Germany.

Tourist guide shared the information through the official social media account and mentioned in the statement, “After travelling from Spain to Belgium, skirting through France and the Netherlands to Germany, it is time to return home with my 15.9kg backpack! Seventy-five days of my nomadic life, depleted the travel fund that I had been saving up for the past two years (thanks to Covid). I need to head back to work my ass off.”

Pamela mentioned that this was a trip well worth her time as well as money and for she would not trade the experience for anything else in the world.

Read here the list of experiences Pamela highlighted:

  • Walked the Camino del Norte⁣
  • Drunk as many beers as she can in Belgium⁣
  • I caught up with her old friends and made new ones⁣
  • Visited a Christmas Market⁣

Furthermore, tourist guide, Pamela was at peace with going home of her own accord. She had a direct flight from Munich back to Singapore on Singapore air was a treat to finish off the 2.5 months of travel with a bang. ⁣

Along with this, this trip to Europe allowed her to know that she is more than what she gave to herself credit for. It showcased her ⁣adaptability, a trait she proudly possessed.

She outlined in the statement, “I laughed, cried, got impatient, sometimes a little angst, and also I smiled with grins, got worried amongst many more emotions. To sum it up, I felt alive. I truly lived! I am grateful for this opportunity to take a long break, for I know I am blessed.”

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