Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter introduces Ricardo, dog found in Kherson

Antwerp, Belgium: Chance, Animal Shelter, introduced a dog named Ricardo with the appearance of an aristocrat. He is available for adoption

The members of the association shared the information through their official social media accounts and highlighted in the statement, “Ricardo, a dog with the appearance of an aristocrat. Ricardo lived in the Kherson shelter for many years. Despite his appearance and calm nature, he was not lucky.”

Along with this, Ricardo is not small, sweet as well as fuzzy. Also, he is not a guard dog, and he has no breed. Unfortunately such dogs are not very popular in Kherson.

They highlighted further that they had tried to find him a family before the war, but they did not have time to live happily. The dog is 6-7 years old.

However, he gets along very well with another dog. The organisation don’t know about cats, but his temperament should not be a problem. 

Also, Ricardo is a little out of the habit of life outside the shelter and is now a little scared of all the changes. But in a calm and loving atmosphere, he will quickly relax as well as be a good friend and companion. 

They said, “Watch out for Ricardo. Give an adult dog a home! Ricardo will come to Belgium in the second half of January. We are looking for a temporary family for him with the possibility of later adoption.”

Chance, Animal Shelter rescue dogs from war-torn Ukraine and transfer them to Antwerp, Belgium, so that people can adopt them and can give them a new forever home. 

On the other hand, Chance, Animal Shelter also shared information about another naughty little dog which was rescued from Kherson, Ukraine. The dog is friendly, and non-aggressive, as well as can be a little timid in the beginning.

Tine loves to play games. She gets along well with other animals as well as cats. Currently, the dog lives in Lviv, Ukraine, with the host family. The dog has not mastered the house rules perfectly yet, but she is trying. 

Tina arrives in Belgium in the second half of January. The organisation stated, “We are looking for a foster home for Tina with the possibility of further adoption if you fall in love with each other.”




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