Brussels: Victim in nightclub drugged with syringe

In Brussels, a victim in a nightclub was drugged with a syringe in April. It was the first case which has been reported in Belgium after the phenomenon took off a few months ago as a grim alternative to spiking up the individual’s drinks with the pills.

As per the sources, the victim’s father took ok social media after his son was drugged to warn the person of the danger in the nightclub.

He mentioned in the statement, “I have a duty as a responsible father to alert, I hope a maximum, of my friends of a new danger that threatens our young people or even the older ones who would still like to have fun in peace by going out to a club.”

Moreover, the father explained how his son, as well as his friends, did not realize for several minutes that there had been an attack till the effects came to show up. The victim is currently checked for other illnesses in the health care center.

The father of the victim urged, “(My son) has notified the party organizers and the police. Please be vigilant at parties, and report this type of heinous aggression if you hear about it.”

Along with this, the problem is all over Europe. Belgium is not the only nation to be hit by this type of drugging. In the United Kingdom, the victims are speaking out after the female in various cities reported blacking out after feeling a scratchy sensation or waking up the next day to find puncture wounds on their skin.

One of the victims of drugging, who is also a student at the University of Nottingham, shared the information related to her experiences, “I remember going in, going to the bar, going to the toilet and the photo booth, and then after that moment, my memory is a blank until I get home.”

In addition, she has recounted how she has discovered a pinprick on her leg, and that was the area where she faced the pain came, disabling her from walking. At the time when she reached the health care center, it was too late to discover the drugs as they had gone out of her system. She was getting tested for HIV or other illnesses.

Nottingham police officials are investigating the incident, together with a dozen reports of drugging through needles.

After the reports, there was an outpouring of the support on social media, followed by women in the UK who planned not to attend nightclubs. More than 163,000 individuals have signed a petition calling on the government to do a thorough search at nightclub entrances.

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