Citizens across Brussels were asked to leave city due to poor air quality

In Brussels, the individuals have been told to leave the city by the doctors due to the poor air quality. The majority of the individuals are sharing their concerns about the air pollution in the place.

As per the sources, the cyclists are anxious as the pollution is increasing and concerned about the current situation.

The result of the initial phase of the recently launched “Brussels for Clean Air” project is a crowd-sourcing exercise that is giving the residents a chance to make their voices that has been heard about pollution. They are not representative of the whole population but do highlight the main concerns that keep them awake at night.

Moreover, the Campaigning Officer from the European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), who has launched the initiative, mentioned during an interview, “Overall, people indicated they are very concerned about air pollution. Health concerns were mentioned by more than 50% of all the respondents.”

By observing severe coughs, the other respiratory as well as the dermatological issues, various health concerns were connected to an increase in air pollution. Van de Moosdijk mentioned in the statement that some of the individuals were considering moving away from the city due to the severity of the situation.

Along with this, she asserted, “Some people said their children were developing asthma as a result of living in the city, and that their doctors said they should consider leaving the city because it is not sustainable and that their children will suffer too much from the consequences.”

One person who has moved from a “less-polluted area in Europe” stated that from moving to Brussels, they had developed a chronic cough.

In the testimony, it has been highlighted that “As soon as I spend some weeks away from the city, my condition gets better.”

Furthermore, Brussels has exceeded the health standards on pollution levels for various polluters as well as in many different areas in the region. Approximately 17,000 of the inhabitants of Brussels are exposed to very high concentrations of NO2, which can contribute to the development of respiratory diseases.

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