Spain: Around 3,000 passengers miss flight during Easter due to long queues at passport control

Southwestern Europe: In Spain about 3,000 passengers have missed their flights at the time of Easter as a result of a long line that occurred at passport control at Spain’s Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas Airport, says the officials.

The people of Britain chose the Costa del Sol as the destination they wanted to travel to for their vacations. But due to some of the significant problems this summer, similar to the situation in Madrid when over 3,000 travelers missed their flights because of the long queues for the passport control.

Moreover, the president of the Líneas Aéreas association, Javier Gándara, mentioned in the statement that national police officers are required in order to check the passports of the passengers planning to travel to the United Kingdom. At the same time, he noted that this is one of the three challenges that the airlines are facing this summer.

He highlighted, “It will be the first summer when passports for travelers to the United Kingdom have to be checked & the first when air traffic is likely to be normal, now that the British government has eased all the rules & regulations imposed due to the pandemic. There have already been issues at the airports over Easter, & we need to avoid this happening during peak season. That’s why it’s important that enough police officers are assigned to handle the high numbers of passengers.”

Along with this, Britons account for a maximum of 30 percent of the arrivals at Malaga Airport as well as a similar percentage of the hotel reservations, which figures show that the United Kingdom is the largest international market for the Costa del Sol.

In 2019, around three million visitors reached Spain from the UK, while three percent more airline seats will be available this summer.

In addition, Gándara added that the European Union has already unfolded the plan to automate the passport checking system. Until it becomes operational, it is very important that there are enough police officers to do the job effectively.

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