French Prez Macron sit far from Russian Prez Putin for refusing to Covid test

On 11th February, Friday, the President of France Emmanuel Macron has refused to take the Russian COVID test, so he was made to sit far from President of Russia Vladimir Putin at a long table for the conversation.

Moreover, on Monday, both the leaders were sitting on the opposite side of the long table in Kremlin, at the time when Macron had a visit to Moscow related to the mission to reduce the worries of a Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The table had gained attention in massive amounts online and had raised more eyebrows when the President of Russia sat at a small table with President Kazakh, who is a close ally.

The spokesperson of Putin mentioned why this action took place to subject Macron to a large table after the french leader said no to the COVID test, which is performed by the Kremlin’s medics.

Peskov said, “Talks with some are being held at the long table, the distance of the table is or around of six meters.”

He further mentioned, “It is linked to the fact that some follow their own rules and regulations. They do not cooperate with the host side.”

In some of the cases he mentioned, the Kremlin has to take “More sanitary protocol on safeguarding the health of our president and his visitors.”

The action that was made related to the subject to the long table is not related to politics. Peskov said, “There are no politics, and this is no way interrupts with the negotiations.”

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