Brussels decides to switch COVID-19 crisis management to risk management

In Brussels, the health officials have made the decision to switch the “crisis management” to “risk management” as the COVID-19 variant Omicron is on its last course.

Its been almost two years since the pandemic has started, and the Brussels-Capital Region is facing the highest number of infections at the duration of the fifth wave.

The Brussels Health Inspectorate named Inge Neven highlighted that the nation is now observing the gradual decrease in the cases of COVID-19 infected individuals, and it has also reduced the demand for testing and tracing.

On Tuesday, during a press conference, Neven mentioned, “We are adjusting our strategy and moving from ‘crisis management’ to ‘risk management,’ hoping that we are moving towards the endemic phase.”

She further added, “If a dangerous variant appears, we will still have the possibility to switch very quickly and can still rebuild to the necessary capacity.”

The active population of Brussels mentioned the Current situation that COVID is almost over, “has the feeling that Covid is almost over,” stated Neven.

It is still an issue for the authorities to work on the situation by continuing with measures without losing the faith of the residents.

“This is primarily the residents of our residential care centres, over-65s, over-55s with underlying disorders and those living in our poorer neighbourhoods, where there are more households with several generations within one home.”

“We want to protect the older and more fragile population and of course also encourage the people who are in regular contact with them (such as healthcare workers) to continue to follow the appropriate measures and to get vaccinated definitely.”

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