Belgium to send another humanitarian caravan to Ukraine containing 7 ambulances

Brussels, Belgium: Belgium sent another aid for Ukraine containing ambulances. This time, the cargo consists of 7 ambulances, each of which will perform the primary mission – to save the lives of Ukrainians.

Soon, vehicles will appear in different corners of the country. Since the invasion has begun, Belgium has provided Ukraine with 68 armoured ambulances and is now ready to send seven more.

During the shipment of today’s humanitarian cargo, Temčasova Trustee of Ukraine in Belgium, Mrs. Natalia Anoshina, reported that Belgian friends from “BeForUkraine” since the first day of the full-scale invasion of the Russian Federation have been exceptionally actively involved in providing Ukraine with comprehensive humanitarian assistance.

She appreciated the vital work done by the good hearts of activists of “Beforukraine.” the ambulances offered assistance to numerous Ukrainian soldiers wounded on the battlefield, saving their lives and evacuating them from the warzone.

In his turn, one of the founders of BeForUkraine, Mr. Evrard van Zulein, reported that, in general, the public association has already given to Ukraine 79 ambulances, school buses, vans, refrigerators, as well as other humanitarian goods.

However, this time the humanitarian convoy is unique, as activists “beforukraine” took their children with them on a trip to Ukraine. Their goal is not only to set an example for the younger generation but also to show that the Belgian people, regardless of their age, will firmly stand side by side with the Ukrainian people as long as the war against Ukraine continues.

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