Belgium to buy Sea Sparrow missiles from Germany for Ukraine

Brussels, Belgium: Belgium will buy Sea Sparrow missiles from Germany for Ukraine. Belgium intends to transfer 8 Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles to Ukraine, which it purchased from Germany, to strengthen its air defence. L’Echo reported this.

The Belgian government plans to provide Ukraine with €150 million worth of equipment and other support projects. Sea Sparrow surface-to-air missiles will help Ukraine to protect its cities and infrastructure from Russian missile attacks.

It is not yet known what systems the defenders will use to launch these missiles. However, it has been reported that Ukraine and Poland are working on integrating Sea Sparrow into the 9A310 self-propelled gun, part of the Soviet Buk air defence system.

Belgium also plans to provide Ukraine with about 320 Volvo trucks and 80 Lynx (Iveco LML) armoured vehicles by the end of the year. In addition, on Friday, the Belgian Cabinet of Ministers will consider a decision on a new €150,000 aid package for Ukraine.

Since the beginning of Invasion, Belgium has provided support worth more than €423.61 million in different aspects, such as medical facilities, military aid, resilience and rebuilding and humanitarian support.

Today, the war has marked 561 days since the beginning of Russian invasion of Ukraine. Another missile strike on Kyiv took place last night, reported Kyiv and a Ukrainian individual was killed in Odesa region.

Thousands of Ukrainian people died and were injured by consecutive missile strikes launched by Russia daily. Keeping this in mind, Belgium once again stepped forward to help Ukraine with sparrow missiles to guard the Ukrainian Skies from Russian threats.

A sea sparrow missile is a medium range surface to air missile primarily used for defence against air threats. The missile is capable of eliminating all types of air threats, including missiles, cruise missiles and supersonic jets. The missile can reach up to the speed of Mach 2.5.

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