Sergio Ramos has scored three own-goals in his La Liga career

Barcelona, Spain: Sergio Ramos, the Spanish veteran and former Real Madrid skipper, yesterday scored third own goal in his La Liga career. He has played 516 La Liga matches and scored only three own goals.

The third one came yesterday while defending and unintentionally kicking the ball inside Sevilla’s net. the other to came during Real Madrid days in 2017 and 2018.

It was the second debut of Sergio Ramos for Sevilla. The Spanish defender returned to his formal club, where he began his football career and became a Real Madrid legend.

At the Estadi Olímpic Lluís Companys, the camero returned to face FC Barcelona after two years in Paris, and, although he completed a good performance, he scored an own goal in the 76th minute that caused his team’s defeat in Montjuïc.

A few hours after the defeat, the Andalusian centre-back posted on Twitter that he acknowledged that the loss “hurts him because of the result and the circumstances.”

“A match that hurts because of the result and the circumstances, but that strengthens us because of the image and attitude of the team. We continue to grow and are already thinking only about the Champions League,” was his message on social networks”.

The fun fact about the Sevilla-Barcelona clash is a video of the prelude to a classic Barça-Madrid match (April 2, 2016) was circulating on social networks in which Johan Cruyff, who had died a few days before, was honoured.

Sergio Ramos was in the locker room tunnel, ready to take the field, captaining his team. To the right of the white soccer players were the children who were going to jump onto the field with them. The first, the one who came out hand in hand with Ramos, was a smiling Lamine Yamal.

They shook hands again seven years later. More briefly. In the protolarian greeting. They were going to face each other face to face: Lamine Yamal, more than a child, turning 16 in July, and Sergio Ramos, 37. One going and one returning. Fate led them to share another episode. More important: the joint intervention in Barça’s goal.

He crossed past Ferran, detecting Yamal’s progression along the flank. The youth headed back towards Fermín, but the ball found the legs of Ramos along the way, who ran towards the goal and scored an own goal. He denied it to Lamine Yamal; he gave it to Barça.

In an aftermatch interview, Xavi, Barcelona’s manager and Ramos’ teammate in Spanish Football team, commented, “Sergio Ramos is a spectacular defender. It’s incredible to see him at the top level at his age. He’s a great professional, and I wish him all the best. He was unlucky to score an own goal today, but I love him a lot”.



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